A decade in the making…

..and a lot of fun along the way has lead me (James) to propose to my beautiful, now fiancée (Helen)!

The time and the place: 14th July 2017, UK, Cornwall, Marazion (St Michaels Mount)

After an amazing morning in Marazion and an afternoon chilling out in the glorious sunshine at Porthcurno beach paddling in the sea and expectantly watching dolphins feed, we make our way to watch the evening performance of Nell Gywnn at the Minack Theatre. The show was hilarious and the experience of watching a performance whilst sat under the stars, surrounded by the waves crashing off the rocks in the Atlantic was amazing. As the show ended we decided to head home to our room with a view…

On arriving, I try to get Helen distracted with taking some night time SLR photos of St Michaels Mount from our balcony… with Helen busy, I make a double dash for the ring (a second time as Helen looked around the first time) and head out to our balcony, quickly, down on one knee as Helen overlooks the bay and I ask the age old question:

“Will you marry me..?”

… after a shocked few seconds and a few giggles Helen said…


With that rather terrifying moment out of the way, it’s was time to crack open the bubbly with a loud pop, coupled with a bit of spillage which i’m sure woke the neighbours up!

So, after a nerve racking day and ten years in the making, me and Helen are engaged and I get to call her my fiancée after declaring that I do like it, and I did indeed put a ring on it 🙂

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Here’s a few more pictures for good measure –>   🙂