Constructing a backup policy

A few thoughts drawn on my experience when considering and designing a tailored backup policy for your business. Firstly, it is always worth starting with the basics and what is considered industry best practice for backups, that’s the 3-2-1 strategy. The 3-2-1 backup strategy in its simplest form is 3...Read more

Palo Alto Firewalling Overview

With the ever evolving security landscape, i thought it would be a good time to give an overview of one of the market leaders, in this case, Palo Alto and their single pass firewalls. Unlike the from the classic firewall model (port blocking, SNAT/DNAT rules) offered by other options such...Read more

VMware VCPP Usage Calculations

Issue: VMware’s Partner Program usage reporting and sizing can be complicated, VMware charge using points for it’s services and usually against the amount of reserved RAM. Resolution: Example 1 This is the example as found in the documentation, this example is from the Program guide: During one 30-day calendar month,...Read more

VMware, find a VM’s MAC address via PowerCli

Issue: You have a few thousand VMs running on vCenter and need a quick way of finding a VMs particular MAC address. Resolution: Open PowerCLi and use Connect-Viserver to connect to the VC you are searching. Then run: Get-VM | Get-NetworkAdapter | Where-Object {$_.MacAddress -eq “00:50:56:01:07:65”} | Format-List -Property *...Read more

Vendor Warranty Lookup Links

Issue: You need to check if your devices are still under warranty Resolution: To lookup on any vendor warranty information, you will need the device serial number. The below outlines a list of Vendor provided lookup tools: HPE: Cisco: Dell: NetApp: IBM: more

Veeam, Failed Backup Workarounds

Issue: – Connection Reset Error on a backup job Error: ChannelError : Connection Reset Resolution: The below steps are not version specific and have worked since v8-v11. 1. Open regedit on the proxy where the disk was mounted 2. Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\SCSI\ Disk&Ven_VMware&Prod_Virtual_disk\%deviceId%\Device Parameters\ 3. Remove all entries under this section...Read more

Create a vCloud Director OS template

Build VM of OS choice in vCloud Director in it’s own vApp. Logon and customise OS settings (disable firewall, IES, Install vmtools, etc). Download any OS updates and reboot. Place the current password in the VM notes section from within vCenter. Power down the guest OS. Stop vApp Right click...Read more

Recover a failed vSphere ESXi Host

Issue: You have a corrupt esxi host and need to quickly rebuild it. I am assuming that you are taking esxi host backups Resolution: 1. Check the backup exists. (The current backup will be a tgz file.) There will be a NetworkInfo.txt file. This will have basic networking info 2....Read more

Post Cloud migration check list

Issue: You’ve moved all your servers to the Cloud and your customer wants you to confirm that everything is up and ready for them… what should you do…? Resolution: My preferred method is a simple one, use a checklist and be diligent at each step: Are all VMs present that...Read more