Happy 70th Birthday Mom!

With the World as it is, in this, the year of 2020 and lockdowns, we’ve had to go online for your 70th birthday bash!

As such, lot’s of Friends and Family have contributed to a special birthday mosaic with over a thousand pictures, get your magnifying glass at the ready and see if you can guess the decade! Click the picture below to enlarge:

As we couldn’t all get together to bring in your birthday, some wanted to share a bit more than photos and have shared some video birthday messages for you, as well as a special “ages of She” to take you back over the last 70 years…

Have a very happy 70th birthday Mom!

A movie epic based on the contributes from Friends and Family

The Ages of She:


Birthday Messages:

A message from the Queen…
Dad (Pete!)
Oliver & Maja
Phoenix, Indigo & Mila
Paul & Janice
James & Helen
Nina & Family
Denise & Charlotte
Debora & Family
Paula & Rose
Ike & Lillian

Lots of people contributed to this and the mosaic, so a huge thanks to everyone, Mary had a funny quote about Zimmer frames which I thought was worth sharing as well 🙂