How can I upload a large iso/ova etc into my Public cloud in VMware vCloud Director using the OVFTool.



The OVFTool is great when you have a poor upload speed, you sit behind a throttled network or you have a large file to upload.

Steps below give an example of uploading an ISO into your catalog.

0. Install latest OVFTool


1. Upload an iso to a clients org and media & other catalogue location:

.\ovftool.exe C:\path_of_your_file “vcloud://username:password@your-cloud-url:443?org=your-org-name&media&other=filename.iso&catalog=Your-Catalog-Name&vdc=Your-VDC-Name”


Actual OVFTool command:

.\ovftool.exe C:\Disksets\test-iso.iso “vcloud://test-user:Password! Catalog&vdc=james-test-vdc”





See below for example to use OVFTool to vCenter:

ovftool.exe –acceptAllEulas -ds=”[DATASTORE NAME HERE]” –net:”NAME OF OVA NETWORK”=”NAME OF PORT GROUP” –prop:[PROPNAME]=[Value] \path\to\appliance.ova vi://