VMware SSL VPN Plus Multiple Profiles

Issue: VMware NSX SSP VPN Plus clients on a users workstation have a one-2-one mapping, meaning, you can only have 1 profile to an edge gateway per workstation. This is a nightmare for administators who may manage multiple environments. Resolution: There is a workaround on windows, i’ve not found one...Read more

vCloud Director, disable shared console sessions

Issue: You don’t want people to spy on your vmware web client session. Resolution: Unless you can squeeze in some downtime then i’d recommend doing this via powercli. Get connected to vCenter: #region: Inputs $yourvCenter = “input-vcenter-fqdn” $user = “inout-user” $pwd = “input-password” #endregion region: Execution Connect-VIServer $yourvCenter -User $user...Read more

Network Performance test, IPERF

Issue:I want to evaluate my network capabilty from a machine, server, environment. Resolution:IPERF is an industry standard tool for measuring network performance. It does this by establishing two nodes, a client and server partition and uses raw network calls to simulate and evaluate network performance. Unlike subjective tests like Windows...Read more

VMware NSX Edge Sizing Options…

A reference table around the different specifications avaliable for each size of VMware NSX Edge Gateways: NSX Edge (Compact) NSX Edge (Large) NSX Edge (Quad-Large) NSX Edge (X-Large) vCPU 1 2 4 6 Memory 512MB 1GB 1GB 8GB Disk 512MB 512MB 512MB 4.5GB + 4GB Interfaces 10 10 10 10 Sub...Read more

Cisco UCS Flexflash configuration…

Issue: I’d like to take advantage of RAID 1 on for an ESXi install on Cisco UCS M4/5 Blades. You’ll need the SD Module in your server for this.   Resolution: Like all UCS configuration, its a policy and it’s a bit more of an art to deploy than most...Read more

Cloud Market Analysis – Storage IOPS…

A blog entry around some IOPS workload tests I ran recently on the big hyperscalers (Azure & AWS).  The aim was to locate the best place to place mixed workload VMs and see some real world, achievable IOPs based on a consistent set of tests.   In addition, I’ve included a...Read more

Linux (Unix) Bash Commands Reference Cheatsheet

Issue: I’ve forgotten that command!   Resolution: (Reference Table) category command description basic shell clear clear all previous commands’ output text from the terminal exit (or logout) quits the shell alias, unalias give a pseudonym to another command (you may need to enclose the command in quotes if it contains...Read more

BIOS Settings for ESXi on HP / HPE Servers

Issue: What BIOS settings should I apply on a HP Server   Solution: HP Blade BIOS Policy The following BIOS settings are recommended for HP Blades running ESXi: Enable Turbo Boost Enable Hyper-threading Verify that all ESXi hosts have NUMA enabled in the system BIOS. In some systems (for example,...Read more

DataCenter Standards Cheat Sheet – PCI-DSS to ISO9001

Issue: So, I need to understand what datacentre compliance applies to my deployment and what standards do not… Resolution: There’s lots of confusion regarding what compliance level and the audit standards that are relevent to different types of Clouds. The below aims to demistify some of them! 1. EU-U.S. Privacy...Read more